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Why It’s Essential To Have Fresh Air In The Home

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Many people are firm believers in airing out and having fresh air in the home. Some people air their blankets and pillows outside each day or open all the windows, regardless of the outside temperature.

But, what are the true benefits of doing this? Is there really any point to it?

Fresh air in the home has many benefits to you and your family’s health:

Get rid of stale air

One of the main reasons people will open up all the windows and doors of their home, even during winter, is to let out stale air. When you open up windows and doors, you’re helping the home to get rid of the stale air and bring in new, fresh air.

Avoid mold growth and remove dust

Mold loves to grow in warm, dark and moist conditions. One place often forgotten about is in and around the mattress, and many are surprised to find mold growing underneath their mattress. If possible, stand the mattress up in the bedroom with the window open to help dry out the mattress; this can get rid of damp from body sweat and humidity.

We all know dust mites love living in the home in our beds, lounges, linen and clothes. When you open up the home, the resulting air movement can help to remove dust mites that haven’t been sucked up by your vacuum cleaner.

Bring in the sunshine

Sunshine isn’t just good for warming you up when you’re cold. It can also act as a natural bleacher over time for household items such as blankets, so you can avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach. Additionally, sunshine has also been shown to help kill dust mites.

Better concentration

Because having fresh air in the home means there are higher levels of oxygen, having increased ventilation in the home can actually help improve concentration. What a great reason to open your windows and let in all that fresh air, especially when working from home! 

Better health

There are many ways you can improve your health, but fresh air is known to improve blood pressure and heart rate, promote a stronger immune system, encourage higher serotonin levels (which improves mood) and even aid in digestion. By simply opening the windows and letting in fresh air, you can vastly improve a number of aspects of your health.

No matter how you look at it, the simple act of opening your windows can have a wide range of benefits. We believe nothing is healthier than deep cleaning. If you’d like to freshen your winter linens or deep clean those comforters, call us today!

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