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Latest Locals and Legends

Belmar Arts Council

By Joan Slowey Dellett ~ “ANYTHING YOU DO TO MAKE THE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL MAKES YOU AN ARTIST” - Anonymous Hidden in the outskirts of town, the Belmar

November 11, 1918-2018

NOVEMBER 11, 1918 One hundred years ago today, peace came to the battlefields of Europe as World War I drew to a close, poetically, at the 11th hour

What Is Aikido?

By Kira Lang ~ Have you ever heard of aikido? Ai – Ki - Do – roughly translated in English means the way or path of spirit/harmony. Aikido

The History Of Election Day

In 1792, during the youth of our country, a law was passed allowing each state to conduct presidential elections at any point in the 34 days before the

Holiday Express-100 Events In 50 Days

 This year Holiday Express, a non profit organization comprised of 2,500 volunteers, including 150 musicians, kicks off its 26th season on November 5th and will travel to 100 locations

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