The Great Solar Eclipse 2024

So much excitement and anticipation for the TOTAL Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024; a date worth marking on your calendar!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

The next chance to witness a total solar eclipse in North America won’t happen until March 2033–and that one requires travel to western Alaska. Following that, the wait extends to August 2044, when this spectacular celestial event graces parts of western Canada, Montana, and North Dakota.

What Makes A “Total” Solar Eclipse Special?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon entirely obscures the Sun, transforming day into night. As the sky darkens, stars illuminate the surroundings, creating a captivating spectacle. What distinguishes this celestial event is the emergence of the otherwise unseen outermost rays of the Sun, known as the corona. These rays radiate around the Moon, resembling a colossal halo of light that extends into space, reaching a distance up to five times the Sun’s diameter. While other types of eclipses may cast shadows and dim the sky, none quite match the awe-inspiring and otherworldly effect generated by a total solar eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses

Make sure you don’t stare directly at the sun during the eclipse. Give out special glasses made for watching the eclipse safely. They protect your eyes and let you see the eclipse clearly.

For detailed information and an eclipse timeline, click HERE

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