Getting Kids To Help With Laundry

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Now that school is out for the summer, you are probably looking for things that will keep the kids busy. Why not have them help with household chores?

Laundry is a good chore and tasks can be given to toddlers on up, however, the most important place to start is what not to do. First, teach the importance of laundry safety.

Next, sorting is a good place to start. It’s important to wash like with like. So, teach them to check garment labels. All clothing and fabrics that call for the same water temperature, wash cycles and type of detergent should be washed together. Though it’s always a good idea to:

  • Wash dark and bright clothes in one load, pastels and lighter colors in another, and whites should be kept separate.
  • Wash lightly soiled clothes separate from the really grimy stuff. Bet you didn’t know that cleaner clothes can become dirtier in filthy wash water!
  • Sort items like fuzzy sweatshirts, robes and bulky bath towels that might shed lint, and wash those separately.

They can also with tasks like pairing socks, folding towels and, as they get older, folding and putting away their own clothes. But, remember – better that your kids not do the laundry perfectly than not do it at all.surf-suds-laundromats

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