Easy to do Christmas Crafts for the Kids!

By Sharon Prudhomme   

Re-purposing can be fun for all ages!

    Don’t throw out those pumpkins just yet! If they weren’t carved and are still firm, re-purpose!  No kidding!  Here’s a couple fun ideas to keep the kids busy and creative. The transition from Halloween, Thanksgiving and into Christmas seems to happen in a snap! Those pumpkins and gourds can take on a whole new look without effort! Often when gathering an assortment in fall we look for various sizes and a few small nicely rounded. Out for clams and mussels? Save those shells! And here’s why!

Needed tools:    Spray paints- gold, silver, green                       

Craft paint- black, red, green, gold, orange                                        

Small paint brushes-avail. in assorted sizes per pack

Newspaper- cover kitchen table (outdoor weather permitting)               Any cardboard box cut down.                                                                                               

Elmer’s or craft glue       

Twine, thin ribbon, thin rick rack  dowel or ½ diam. stick- parent must cut 2  4-5 in. pieces                                                                                      


1. Paint small pumpkins and gourds silver and gold as huge ornaments for your window boxes, on the porch with greens or in a basket with holly sprigs and evergreen pieces. Kids can get creative and using brushes can decorate as they please. Brush off any dust or dirt from your pumpkins. Spray paint gold or silver to “guild”. Leave as is, or using an old tooth brush, dip into silver and with a chopstick, thin stick or Popsicle stick and flip the bristles backwards with the stick to splatter tiny droplets of opposite color. Silver on gold/gold on silver.



2. Take 3 pumpkins in graduating sizes, paint each white.

With an apple corer, cut a hole in top of largest (stem removed) – in 2nd size, cut hole in top and bottom-about 2-3 in. deep. For top pumpkin-if stem still attached-turn on side and cut hole in what is now the bottom-stem should stick straight out-painted orange this will be the snowman’s nose!

Now place dowel into bottom pumpkin, next, set 2nd pumpkin onto dowel snugly, place next dowel into top of 2nd and place last pumpkin onto top for the head. You now have a snowman! Paint his “stem nose” orange, add black buttons & eyes.

You can paint holly or a neck tie for a spiffy look. Perhaps cut a long strip of material and add as a scarf! If making two- how about a yarn wig for Mrs. Snow lady? Get creative-do your own thing.                                                                                                                                    

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