Why Lighting Makes all the Difference

By Kacey Roy ~

You have picked the perfect couch, the perfect dining table, the perfect desk, bed, kitchen island…. the colors are perfect, the patterns meshing beautifully… but something is missing. You can’t put your finger on it, but the style you’ve created is not pulling you in. Maybe it’s time to look up.

When people are looking at homes they often discuss natural light, but installed lighting is crucial as well. Light fixtures can range from modern to traditional, pricey to reasonable… beachy chic to boho jungalow. Light fixtures can also be an area where you can take a risk or add a pop of color or design unexpectedly.

I happen to love chandeliers, pendants and sconces and if it was acceptable and pleasing to the eye I would have them on every wall and every ceiling. Problem is (aside from the obvious) light fixtures are generally quite permanent; unless you live with an electrician… and if you do I’m super jealous!!!
When choosing lighting, look to enhance the design and style you have already created (or look to create if working with a new build). As always, I consider the vibe of the home. For example, is the space modern? Go with clean lines. Is the space vintage? Go for bold colors and beads. Is the space beachy chic? Go for cool blues, greens, whites in wooden beaded fixtures or sea glass. Boho jungalow? Go for golds!

And as I have stated in every article thus far, trust your gut, make sure it’s the right size, and know your budget going in… I’ve seen gorgeous lighting for very reasonable prices, and the obviously outrageously expensive fixtures. Also, consider the phrase “you get what you pay for”.

Not to contradict myself here, but remember these are generally permanent so you want to make sure not to settle. Other accessories, like pillows and frames can be changed out so quickly and inexpensively that those are places you will want to save your pennies. So if you find something you love, go for it!


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