Weight & Wellness Over 40- Young At Heart

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Continuing with my theme of Weight & Wellness Over 40 – I have previously touched on metabolism, sarcopenia, sleep, activity and being a late-bloomer.  This month I will focus on the joy of being young at heart.

My husband and I met in 1993.  I was 48, he was 49. We share in the belief that each birthday begins a new “chapter” in our “Journey to Wholeness.”  Before our new “chapters” each year, we review our last “chapter” and see what we loved and what we didn’t love, what we learned and what we didn’t learn, how we grew and how we didn’t grow. Then we create and design our next “chapters”.  We review how we should “be”, how we should show up, grow up and become more whole and complete.

When I began my wellness journey on December 1, 2013, I decided I would give each new year, starting with my birthday, a new “title” for each new “chapter” of my life.

Each new chapter, each new “title” would act as a new guidepost and focus for that entire year – something for me to live into, to live fully.  My “points of focus” since 2013 have been:

  • Life Begins at Sixty-Nine
  • Strong & Seventy
  • Seventy-One and Sassy
  • Seventy-Two and Unstoppable
  • Seventy-Three A Brand New Me
  • Seventy-Four See Me Soar

I was 68-1/2 when I began my wellness journey.  I was so disappointed and unhappy with how I was aging.  My dear friend Maureen invited me to join her in a Nutritional Cleansing lifestyle and business opportunity.  I said “yes,” although I had absolutely no expectations at that time, to where this decision would lead me, or how.  I thought I was already doing everything right. I became accustomed to looking and feeling the way I was feeling – disappointed and unhappy over the way I was aging.  

That decision to join Maureen, had a huge impact on my life.  I listened. I asked questions. I committed to this new lifestyle.  My results were better than I could have ever hoped for. I released 11 pounds and 23 inches.  I have vibrant energy. I sleep peacefully. I feel clean, lean, and strong. I no longer feel bloated or listless.  

“Life did indeed, begin at 69.”

During the next year, I began to build lean muscle, my focus – “Strong and Seventy.”

The following year, I became more focused on my personal development in network marketing of my business – “71 & Sassy.”

Then, “72 & Unstoppable.” 

At 73, my focus became helping others more, to change their lives.  I began to step more out of my comfort zone – “73 A Brand New Me.” 

My current chapter is “74 See Me Soar.”  Yes, yes, yes…. I decided to step even more out of my self-imposed limitations and start living even more – stop playing small.  

I recently discovered Lisa Nichols’ quote that touched me very deeply:

Shine your “Light” and BE a “Light” for others.

Be a guide.

Be open.

Never look back.




Be grateful every day for this wonderful journey.

“Let the world see who you really are.”


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