Jersey Shore

Try To Unplug Once In Awhile

By Tracey Hall ~

Earlier this morning my phone pinged and naturally, I stopped what I was doing and went over to look at the notification. It was my phone telling me how much screen time I used over the past week! Now my phone is saying “Hey, get a life, will ya?”

I do spend a lot of time online both professionally and personally. The internet has sucked us all into this weird reality where screen time takes priority over real-time. As I write this on my computer, I am struck that I almost never write with a pen anymore. It takes too long!

Life has changed drastically with technology. I’m not sure it’s all in a good way either. The vibe in our country is so angry, no matter what you believe. There is no more compromise or meeting in the middle. I believe that is where Peace lives- somewhere in the middle. The images and memes and constant tweeting have brought us to this angry mob-like mentality and I wonder how would it be if we all just unplug once in a while?

Take that walk, get on your bike, whatever, just leave the phone home. Realize that what matters most is right in front of you. Talk and play with your kids. Studies are showing that excessive screen time is slowing down normal brain growth.

Understand that not all you read is true and sometimes things are better left unsaid, or in these times “Shared”. I’ll wrap this up now because I want to enjoy the local summer here at the shore. So many farm markets, boardwalks, and parks; not sure where to begin! I hope you have a Super Sunday!Sunset