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I was born and raised here in Spring Lake and I’m raising my family here too. I’m used to changing seasons and I look forward to the change every three months. To be honest, and I may get a lot of flack for this, but August is one of my least favorite months. By August I’m ready to get back into a routine, I’m ready for the roads to be less crowded, I’m excited to have the beach to ourselves on those beautiful September days and I long for open windows and cool night air. I also feel the need to clean and rearrange and usually start noticing some trends that I might want to incorporate into my own space…. these trends are based on my own observations and instincts, and maybe also because of my excitement for Fall.

Mixing Metals
This is a trend I’ve adopted for most of my life. I love mixing gold and silver in my jewelry and also in my decor. I have framed pictures in my house and some are cased in beautiful simple silvers and some are in ornate golds. Mix up your materials in small details if you are more of a symmetric person. Try a galvanized tray with a clear crystal vase for flowers with gold and silver votives. This is usually a time where I mix my pieces during meals. Coming off the summer and entering into Fall is when I may get back out an antique pitcher for flowers, or use my vintage wine glasses replacing turquoise vases and melamine stemless glasses.


Global Feels

I’ve noticed lately that I’m being drawn to pillows with a global feel and heavier fabrics. If you have read any of my previous articles or Instagram posts you may know that I change my pillows seasonally as an inexpensive (sometimes) way of updating my space. Again, being a seasonal girl, I start to feel antsy for change and August is no different from February for me. I want to change everything! But let’s be real, that’s not an option… this is when I pull up my summer rugs and put away my summery pillows and change out for my heavier fabrics. Think embroidered, ikat designs, southwestern vibes; you feel me?

Natural Materials
I think this is a cohesive trend throughout all the seasons; for me at least. There is nothing like a rustic wood framed piece of art or mirror. I’ve also noticed beautiful cutting boards and pizza rounds made of stunning vintage woods; some paired with cool marble. There is also wooden lanterns and lighting fixtures. Gone with the beads and glass and in with the natural and painted woods. As your body starts craving comfort foods, your home will start craving cozy pieces. As always, same advise, set a budget, (try) and stick to it, and pick pieces that make you feel good in your own space.

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