Oat Milk Becomes Second Most Purchased Plant-Based Milk

Oat milk has replaced soy milk as the second most purchased plant-based milk in the year leading up to September 6, 2020, according to new data from SPINS, reports Food Navigator USA. The top spot still belongs to almond milk, which has a 63 percent share in the market, but oat milk sales have surged over 303 percent to $213.35 million over the 52-week period.oat-milk

Soy milk sales declined 4.5 percent to $202.25 million in sales during a time where most CPG categories are experiencing growth as the pandemic has shifted food consumption towards the home.

However, this data does not include sales from e-commerce, convenience stores, or some key retailers like Aldi, Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s, so actual numbers are likely to be higher.


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