Now I have to pick window treatments???

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Whether you hired a fabulous decorator, or you have spent your own time decorating your space; and, you are pumped because you picked the couch that just as stylish as it is comfortable, the throw pillows have the greatest pop of color along with the sweetest prop for your head or feet; your dining table looks amazing centered under your dazzling chandelier; oh and those kitchen towels folded on your stove (the ones no one is allowed to use) well they tie in just right with the tray on your kitchen island… but, now you have to pick window treatments and you have no idea where to start or what to pick.

First thing is you need to decide if you need treatments for privacy, to block sunlight, just for decor or a blend of all of the above… then you can move ahead into style. And no you do not have to match the window treatments in your home! You want to mix it up, well you go girl! I’ll list below some great options to make it as simple as possible.
Natural woven shades or wooden blinds make for a clean and classic look. Personally these are my favorite option. And you can go Faux here to save big bucks (as I did in my own home). Or mix and match real wood with faux. I put faux blinds in my bedrooms and bathroom but went for a custom treatment in my living room and definitely still feel like it was worth the money. Natural bamboo shades is another great option that offers a cool look with a lot of cost-effective options. These can be rolled up or down depending on sunlight.

Roman shades or valances are a great option for those looking to add color, texture or design to their space. These can be used in any room but often look great in a kitchen. I also carried valances through my dining room mostly because I needed to add some color and did not need privacy or shade in those spaces.

Lastly, and the most dramatic, would be drapes! Oh how I wish I lived in a home with long frantic windows! Those are the kind of beautiful features that scream drapes! Think about what fabrics your taste goes towards; linen, velvet, cotton etc and choose accordingly! But like I always say, it’s your space so go with your gut and have fun! Window treatments can be costly (don’t get me wrong) but often times there are economic options which makes it easy to change out from time to time.


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