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We recently posted a piece about an amazing artist, Fanelle White, of LifeArtsDesigns. Click here to read the article:

Life Arts Designs!    | Jersey Shore Scene

A second interview with her business partner, Lois A. Eder, brings to light the other half of the partnership. Lois remembers her father recognizing her artistic abilities at a very young age. She says her dad would pack lunches and bring her to various art museums whenever he could. There they would discuss their favorite artists and paintings together.

Fanelle and Lois

Although Lois did not take any formal art classes, she says she often found herself watching Bob Ross on television. Through the years she has taken lessons at the Monmouth County Park System. Later learning much from Fanelle before partnering in business together.

As for style and medium, Lois enjoys abstract art and working with ink alcohol. She feels working with them allows her mind an open invitation to create without inhibitions.

Lois does commission work and most recently has been working with several customers who are requesting large original ink art pieces. The brilliant, vibrant colors using this medium really grabs people. The beautiful abstract effect makes each individual piece unique, never replicated. Everyone has a different interpretation of what they see. Reminds me of the old “inkblot” tests.

As for choosing a favorite artist, Lois names Hilma af Klint of Sweden. Hilma was the first woman who actually created the first abstract painting back in 1906. Ahead of their time, Sweden allowed women to study art well before France and Germany. She actually went to the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm back in 1882!

Lois and Fanelle met at Susan Wagner High School, Staten Island where both were teachers. Fanelle was the Art Teacher and her daughter was one of Lois’s students. Fanelle picked up on how much her daughter’s teacher loved to create art and offered to let Lois attend her classes during her off periods. Lois says she was addicted and just couldn’t get enough! Fanelle helped her explore and encouraged her to further develop her talents.

These two interesting, talented ladies got along so well and were approaching their retirement age that they decided to follow the path that would soon combine their talents while having fun. A perfect combination, both work well together as well as enjoy each other. They love to have a good time while combining work with great lunches! Both have different strengths, for example, Fanelle can paint in any style and is precise in her work. Lois is naturally outgoing, social and enjoys connecting with people.  She describes herself as animated and enthusiastic when talking about their artwork, nor is she shy. Lois says she enjoys cold-calling studios as well as packing up her car and calling on them. Lois handles the social media end of the business and both are very involved in daily tasks. Lois resides in Manasquan with an at-home studio.

An exciting endeavor is the development and creation of the Jersey Shore Women’s Artisans Salon. As a group, they encourage the natural abilities of our young talented female artists in the community. 

  One of Lois’s favorite quotes:

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”    Thomas Merton                    


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