“Kūrify” Your Life

Content provided by Troy Teebom, Kūr Wellness Studio ~

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, meaning that self-care is imperative to optimal health. Is there a place that closes out the noise and teaches you how to attain balance and strength? That place exists within the walls of Kūr Wellness Studios. With both traditional and “eastern” services such as deep-tissue massage and facials to Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, you will be guided by the best team of practitioners around, each bringing their positive attitudes and commitments to health.

Services range from a short 30-min Reiki session to a 4-hour “Kūrify” My Life day spa package. For just $299 experience: an Ayurvedic consultation, Ionic foot detox, Ayurvedic massage, steam shower, and private yoga session.

Kūr Wellness Studios provides a full menu of massage, skincare, and waxing services with a unique fitness studio that doubles for yoga classes, private personal training, and bootcamp workshops.

A new and different wellness center located in Asbury Park, Kūr offers more than 100 traditional and Ayurvedic treatments and services, and fitness options. Our services are performed by the absolute best practitioners in our area – each with positive attitudes and true commitments to health. 

Book today at:https://www.kurstudios.com/consultations.html


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