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By Lori Anne Oliwa ~

Life was difficult back in 2010, and the last thing Gina Garrison felt like doing was going to another party, a jewelry party, nonetheless. “It was a tough time of self-doubt and lack of resources, so the last thing I felt like doing was going to a jewelry party to spend money I did not have,” the now successful entrepreneur admits. But instead of staying home, Garrison went to the party, meeting people who would help her to change her life and to start her own jewelry business with Premier Designs, a network marketing concept that employs the motto, ‘God, Family, Career.’

Premier Designs, started in Dallas, Texas in 1985, is a manufacturer of the latest designs in fashion jewelry and markets through independent representatives who promote through home jewelry parties, catalogues and internet presence. Each representative is considered an entrepreneur and can build his or her own network. The company provides incredible support according to Garrison, who has been part of Premier since 2010 and is one of the country’s highest-producing representatives. She is eager to explain how easy it can be to start a jewelry business with Premier, as there are plans for every budget, credit options, and financing for those who literally have zero cash. “Premier is really the best in the business where network marketing is involved, and they have perfected the concept for 34 years,” added Garrison, noting that her life changed on account of her involvement. “I love what I do. It really is not about selling jewelry, but about empowering other people to live their dreams, something much more important than the latest trends in jewelry.  I am very grateful,” she said proudly.

Gina Garrison is available to anyone who would like to explore the possibility of becoming a member of the Premier Designs network or who would simply like to consider hosting a home party to earn rewards and free jewelry. Her telephone number is (732) 673-1598, and her email is: For more information on Premier Designs and to directly view and order jewelry online, visit her website at:

Photo: ‘Gem Lady’ Gina Garrison

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