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Is it just me, or does everyone want to change their entire home around with every season? And don’t even get me started on how I get with a holiday within a season! So, I started to think one morning, as I stared at my new hand-woven basket from Senegal that is done in pinks and soft whites….

Why did I pick this basket? There is not one stitch of pink in any other design element in my house (except for my formal China which was my grandmother’s, but that for another article). I sat on my couch early one morning, drinking my yummy coffee and stared at this beautiful basket (proudly sitting on the bottom shelf below my tv) and thought…. does this shade of pink have anything to do with my recent craving for Italian ice, sherbet, pink lemonade???? Before I knew it I looked around at my living room and I was surrounded by the colors of summer.

I just grabbed some new throw pillows and they are the perfect sunrise shade; my new little votive holders are shades of blue skies in turquoises and sky blues; candles in colors of the sea in cobalt and navy’s. I even recently bought new towels for the bathrooms in those same beautiful blues, replacing the green and blues (ahh! Spring), that replaced the gray and whites (ahh! Winter!!) that honestly probably replaced the oranges and blues of fall; you see where I’m going with this. And can you also tell that blue is clearly my favorite color, which I’m not sure I even realized until reading this back.
We live in a gorgeous state that boasts all season. It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to design by seasonal feelings and vibes, and why I was drawn to this pink basket that I’m sure will last through every season to come because I Love It! I always say, design your home to your happiness, your comfort level. Mix and match colors and textures in a way that screams you, just like I think this basket screams me.

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