Cocktail Anyone?

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~

Our first Modern Day Pandemic aka Covid 19, is wreaking havoc on our nation’s holiday season! Entertaining friends, neighbors & relatives may not be happening or perhaps is, but in an unusually small way this year. Keeping busy helps!

My mom and I always loved using cocktail napkins for all occasions and the varieties are amazing! From seasonal basics, to off the wall and humorous, cocktail napkins suggest to guests that they are special, that their PRESENCE IS special! Each year even Santa remembered to toss a pack of cocktail napkins into the stockings. So, as you can imagine, over the last 50 years, there becomes an accumulation of assorted nappies!

Here’s a fun and cute project for all ages which is easy, fast and a great indoor table activity. I save ALL clam, mussel, crab and oyster shells from home and restaurants for all kinds of cool crafts.


  • *scissors                                                                                                               
  • *Hodge Podge or Clear Elmer’s Glue                                                         
  • *small paintbrush                                                                                   
  • *clam/oyster/crab shells                                                                           
  •  *assorted cocktail napkins   (if you don’t have any, check out craft stores, Christmas Tree Shop, Dollar Stores,     etc. for paper printed napkins) 

Decide on a napkin. Open folds and separate layers by carefully pulling them apart. Discard blank sheet. Cut out your desired section or object. Brush glue over the interior side of the shell. Gently press the napkin piece into the glue with finger-pushing down lightly.

Using a paintbrush, paint a layer of glue over paper making sure all is smoothed down and edges are wet with glue. Carefully begin to tear or gently pull excess edges. If wet enough, the excess with easily pull off. Smooth edge with finger and set aside to dry. Once dry, using a small fine brush, add a gold edge to each shell. When completely dry, give a coat of clear sealer. A hanger can be hot glue gunned onto the back tip for hanging with fishing line. They also look great attached to a wreath. Great for gift giving too!

So, there may not be a lot of cocktail napkins under adult beverages this year, but pull them out of the drawer and have fun! Don’t forget, there’s a cocktail napkin for all seasons! Get busy!