Autumn Gardens – Plants And Flowers For Fall Gardening

Numerous plants bloom throughout the autumn season. Fall flower gardens not only provide appealing blooms but they also add additional color and interest to the landscape. What Do I Plant in a Fall Garden? There are a number of plants and flowers for fall gardening. Most autumn gardens are planted from September through October.

You should always check your growing zone in order to choose the best plants for a fall garden in your area before planting anything. Many cool-season annuals work well in autumn gardens. In addition, various bulbs make ideal cold temperature plants. Many fall-blooming perennials can also provide interest throughout winter. Like trees, ornamental grasses reach their peak in fall, which can further accentuate the fall garden with dramatic foliage color.

Cold Temperature Plants for Autumn Gardens

While there are numerous plants and flowers for fall gardening, here are some of the most common plants for autumn gardens to get you started:

Fall Annuals: Snapdragon -Pot marigold – Pansy -Nasturtium -Larkspur – Sweet pea – Sweet alyssum

Fall Bulbs: Autumn crocus- Saffron crocus – Autumn daffodil- Cyclamen

Fall Perennials: Aster-Delphinium -Sweet William – Mistflower -Goldenrod- Chrysanthemum

Many cool-season crops can also be grown in the fall garden, whether for the crops themselves or strictly for ornamental purposes.

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