Age Is Just A Number At Kūr Wellness Studios

Content provided by our partner Troy Teeboom, Kūr Wellness Studios ~

Age is really just a number. There may not be an actual “Fountain of Youth, but there are factual things you can do to slow the effects of aging. Strength training has great benefits for us as we age; you can feel better, look better, live a happier and stronger life. At Kūr Wellness, we practice what we preach. Troy Teeboom, the owner of Kūr Wellness Studios, is also a client. He is currently benching 200 lbs for 2 reps. At 50 years of age, he’s the strongest he’s ever been and has lost over 25 lbs since the opening of Kūr.

Rich Killian, Troy’s personal trainer at Kūr, says “From my experience it’s the people who don’t challenge their bodies that are in the most pain.” Troy lifts weights 3 days a week, takes yoga, and gets spa treatments regularly. Troy is a product of what he believes in.

Book your introductory session today!  Kūr offers more than 100 traditional and Ayurvedic treatments and services in addition to many fitness options. Our services are performed by the absolute best practitioners in our area – each with positive attitudes and true commitments to health.


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