Your Day Can Be EASY At A Local HARDware Store!! 

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~                                                                                     

Holiday shopping can be a breeze or a nightmare for some. Forget the dollar amount you often feel you MUST designate for each recipient! Remember the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts”? Think about it. What do you really know about the people on your list? Whether family or friends, each is unique in their likes & dislikes. Do they have hobbies, collections…what are their interests? Are they outdoor types or indoor cave dwellers? What color is their car? Favorite color? Do they own a pet?

Forget the big chain box stores! Visit a small-town hardware store near you and discover some fantastic cool ideas for all on your lists! Do it differently this year and give the gifts that will actually be used and appreciated. 

*Coffee drinker– Check out the variety of stainless steel coffee travel mugs-try for one that would fit into the car console drink spots.                                            

 *Bird lovers– bags of seeds, cracked corn, feeders, small galvanized garbage cans (jazz it up with a cool paint job or simply paint or stencil SEED on top), suet blocks and holder, squirrel corn cob feeder, hummingbird feeder and nectar mix.       

*Gardener– new gardening gloves, knee pad, trowel, bulb planter, fertilizers, seeds, loppers, hand snippers, garden clogs, garden flags, garden gnome, build a simple fountain (DIY simple instructions avail.), watering cans, pruners, designer gloves, unique tools, new hoses, outdoor storage bins, bulbs, Amaryllis bulbs, plant hangers, etc.  


*Outdoor Chef/Meat Smoker– tong & tools, aprons, grill lighters, charcoal, wood chips(for the smoker a variety of chips available), heat resistant gloves, turkey fryer, propane tank, grilling accessories                                                                                                     

*Fireplace/fire pit- long fireplace matches (often brass holders can be found), fire starters (chips and logs), fire poker & tools, kindling (make your own bundles of dry twigs and branches), firewood (split or purchase), fireproof hearth mat, andirons…..** who wouldn’t want a load of split firewood or bundles of kindling for Christmas??  


*Bird lover– suet cakes & holder, feeders & bags of seed, squirrel feeders, mini galvanized garbage cans with locking lids for seed storage(I have one)                  

*Beach Goer- beach bags, flip flops, hats, T-shirts, chairs, assorted sand/beach toys, towels, smart new coolers, umbrellas, sweatshirts, t’s and hats sporting your favorite beach and home town, suntan lotion (hint of summer to brighten winter gloom), shades, etc.

*Interior Decorator– craft paints & brushes, interior/exterior, stains, twine, spray paints (Ace Premier-has nice wide-angle spray & quick dry), oil lamps & colored lamp oil, shore themed wall plaques & décor, lamp/lighting parts- (create a cool lamp with driftwood, bottle, stack of vintage books), hang a family vintage plate (plate hangers), wall & furniture decals, stencils, welcome mats….how about new brass switch plates?                                                        

*Kids- assorted indoor/outdoor toys, games, puzzles, crafts, stuffed animals, T-shirts, starter box of tools or gardening items (start ‘em early).            

*Handyperson- (sneak an inventory for needs if possible) drill bits, socket sets, wire cutters, twine, duct tape, oil can, WD40, all in one wrench, saw blades-circular, hack….                 

*Car Buff- Old fashioned Turtle Wax (Gift card for wash/wax/detail), dash and upholstery cleaners, tire cleaner, De-icer, ice scrapers, spray Gunk engine cleaner, Dry gas, deodorizer, floor mats, air fresheners, spare tire cover, steering wheel covers, license plate frames….

For all the ‘wait till the last minute’ shoppers out there, head out ASAP to your hometown Hardware Store, tell ‘em Sharon at Jersey Shore Scene sent you! I guarantee you will fill each stocking and box with just what the receiver will want and actually use! No big chains….shop local…support the little guys and find a plethora of cool gift items! Gas up & cruise!

Merry Christmas  ** Happy Hanukkah ** Happy Kwanzaa to all of our friends & neighbors!     

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