Yellow Crowned Night Herons

By Mary Jane Dodd ~

It’s mid-Spring and the yellow crowned night herons are coming up into the neighborhood to nest! Often over the roadway, you’ll see these large-ish birds sitting in the trees.  If you notice soiling in the middle of the street, you know they are overhead! Their posture almost looks hunched up. They do not live in these trees for the full year. It’s a temporary nesting season and they need our protection. For most of us, this is just another reason we love where we live.

Unfortunately, some people try to chase them off or even cut down the branches they are nesting in. This can be reported to fish and wildlife. environmental laws are in place to ensure their protection. While it’s always preferable to be able to communicate with our neighbors, it is illegal to interfere with nesting. Fish & Wildlife conservation officers can be reached at (609) 292-2965.

Here’s a link to learn more:
I think we’ve all really enjoyed watching the grey seals this winter. We got a chance to see the little one that ended up sunning on the beach up by the kayak rack. Young ones do get tired from swimming and hunting for food and need a spot to rest. The people who care for injured marine mammals (though our visitors weren’t injured) are from the marine mammal stranding center – and if you see one and are concerned you can call 609-266-0538.
We are so fortunate to share where we live with so much incredible wildlife.

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