Why Do You Do That?

 By Tracey Hall ~

Remember the days when you weren’t deeply associated with a party and the country kind of ran ok with whoever was in charge? Seems like we’ve lost our way and lost our value in how we see each other. How come?

Why does having an “R” or a “D” next to your name matter so much? And don’t we all really want the same things for ourselves and our families? We aren’t here to point fingers and judge each other, we’re here to LOVE each other. How the heck did we all get so judgemental?

And why are we all such “Know it alls” and blame shamers? What happened to us?

What happened to acceptance and inclusion? What happened to just not saying anything? What happened to basic civility?

I believe the anonymity of sitting behind a keyboard has allowed the worst of our instincts to escape. The comments you read today can be pure venom meant to inflict the utmost harm.

Why do we do that?

Are YOU guilty of putting fuel on an already burning inferno? Why do YOU do that?

I guess the answer lies within us all and I would challenge each of us to use SELF-accountability and SELF-restraint and really LOOK at the words we are putting out there.

Words do matter. Your words matter. Before adding that hate-filled comment- ask yourself “am I perfect?” Remember that parable where we were taught that he who is without sin can cast the first stone? Pretty sure no one here is without sin.

My 2021 resolution is accountability for what I put out into the world and I will aspire to share all that’s good.

Are you ready to hold yourself accountable? Can we imagine a world where everyone holds themselves to a higher purpose and the hate is driven out? The possibilities are endless.

Happy New Year my dear friends!