Who’s Your Sweetie?

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~
Valentine’s Day is upon us once again with the ‘ol wait till the last-minute frantic purchases. Cheesy big store mass-produced red cardboard hearts with the typical basic chocolate fare or perhaps a Teddy bear….how many bears can one take in? Ha! I’ve made a vow to collect all the years of bears and donate them to new homes. The same ‘ol same ‘ol chocolates become rather boring don’t you think? Maybe it’s time for checking out something a bit more exciting. IF your significant other IS into edibles on the sweet side, then Sweet! may just be the ticket. Such an array of amazing chocolates as well as unique cupcakes, cake balls and assorted baked goods will have you back time and again! Did I mention “award winning” cupcakes three years running?!

SWEET!, 702 10th Avenue, Belmar, NJ is right off 71, the main drag. Beneath the quaint green & white awning sits a little shop boasting an incredible plethora of delectables! An assortment of fine homemade chocolates pack a glass display case along with homemade fudge and salt water taffy. Cali & Lena, mother/daughter team and owners at Sweet! dip salt water taffy, bacon, marshmallows & Oreos in a smooth and creamy rich chocolate which is sure to please any age. So many choices and combinations! Mix it up and put together favorites or try something new. A Sweet! gift box filled with homemade goodness, perfect not only for a Valentine, but suited also as a hostess gift or to make points and share in the office. Boxes are available in ¼, ½ and 1 pound.
Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Dark Chocolate Squirrels, Almond Bark and even large Chocolate Dipped 3” Gummy Bears are ready just for you! How about a Heavenly little ball of Chocolate Mousse or good old-fashioned English Toffee to get the ‘ol saliva glands perked up? Dark Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans will really wake you up! Funny side note here-some years ago in a bulk candy isle, my husband picked up chocolate covered raisins….or so he thought. After popping a few into his mouth, he spat them out exclaiming that “the raisons must be bad….they’re hard as a rock!” As we often find, someone had picked up the chocolate coffee beans and placed them back in the wrong spot. Looking just like the raisins, hubby did the grab and go not looking at the label. Right spot, wrong product. I, in turn thought they were great, but after about 10 of the little buggers, I was up and wired! Something said to be sure favorites here are Haystacks, which are little mounds of toasted coconut and milk or dark chocolate. Simple, yet oh so delicious!

Another major factor in visiting and patronizing the many small shops and businesses here along our beloved shore is family and traditions. Bringing in the love and family feel is something never found in a mall or big chain store. Sweetness comes in many forms and here the “Chuckies” found in the glass display case warms my heart. In honoring Cali’s Grandfather, Charles “Chuck” Lowe, Cali and Lena have improved upon the classic “Turtle”, one of his favorites. “Chuck” apparently loved Turtles but felt they had not enough caramel nor looked like turtles! Sadly, Grandpa Chuck passed away several years back and in his honor the gals cooked up a new Sweet! version named “Chuckies”. With a lot more soft & yummy caramel the “Chuckies” even look like turtles with pecan legs! They are hefty with usually about 12 pieces per pound. You can bet Chuck Lowe is smiling!
This small shop gives back in a BIG way. Community is very important to a small business and the owners here at Sweet! have shown their appreciation and love to their community via numerous charities and causes throughout the Belmar and surrounding area. They’ve contributed over $10,000, donated in many forms such as cash, gift cert., as well as fund-raising, time, materials and treats. For a list a mile long of recipients check out the “In The Community” section on the web. Kudos to Cali & Lena!

Cali and Lena began their little Sweet! endeavor in 2010. Early on, the women had begun their passion pursuing a desire to create excellent cakes and cupcakes. They now serve up the best of baked goods and chocolates! Have a birthday or wedding in the future? Look no further, this is the place! Keep Sweet! in mind for baby showers, corporate events, anniversaries, divorces (yes, the big “D” celebration is something new)…..and so much more! Although still at tad early for me, weather wise, keep Sweet! in mind in warm weather for their ice cream and milk shakes. Not far from the beach makes it a good stop after a sun filled day! Outdoor seating is available.

Mention this story on Jersey Shore Scene for a 10% in store purchase!

If ordering on-line use the code “sweet20” at checkout for a 20% discount!  https://sweetbelmar.com/

702 10th Avenue, Belmar                         (732) 280-8889                           sweetbelmar702@yahoo.com
Hours : Open 7 Days! Sun. – Thurs. 12pm – 6pm      Fri. & Sat. 12pm – 8pm

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