When To Go Faux

By Kacey Roy ~
There are a lot of times that I say go for the good stuff, the real deal, the real McCoy. But with so many great knock off and Faux options out there from jewelry to fur it’s fun and less stressful on your wallet to consider when to go Faux. I’ll break down some of my favorite places where fake makes the cut.
Battery operated candles! My numero uno fave for Faux! I have these guys all over my house and they are on a timer. At the same time every evening my house become illuminated and I never have I worry about blowing them out. So beautiful and they seem to get better and less expensive every year. Now, you may consider these as an investment as the good ones do not come cheap, but in my experience, it’s worth it.
Vintage knock offs!!! My second favorite area to go Faux is with vintage knock offs. Let’s face it antiques are expensive and unless you are a collector of sorts, it’s usually the style or vibe you are going for. Vintage tobacco bakers, baskets in general, vintage looking flatware, dinnerwear, lamps… I could go on and on. I’m a huge fan of mixing old and new, and sometimes new is made to look old!

Art. My final addition to my Faux Faves… full disclosure, I’m not even close to an expert on Art. I just know what I like. I know what moves me, isn’t that what art is all about, moving your soul, locking into an emotion. I would never put a price tag on emotion so this area is completely relative.

You know what you can afford so I say, if you find an original, preferably local piece of art that moves you…. GET IT! Otherwise, if you see something that makes you happy, works in your space and is the right shape and color(s) but is a total knock off… who cares! GET IT!



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