When A Niece Gets Married

Today, my brother and I celebrate the first of our children’s weddings in beautiful New Hampshire. It’s a heartwarming day filled with emotions, especially when it’s your niece. The next best thing to having a daughter and someone who’s grown up being a best friend to your own kids.

Marriage brings hope for the future, hope for the couple and hope for our family as we see it get bigger today. This rite of passage is one we are so happy to witness, but at the same time, can’t believe it’s happening. When did she grow up? Our baby isn’t a baby anymore, and that realization of how quickly time passes fills me with joy and sorrow.

Sorrow that my Mom isn’t here with us because travel for her is too difficult now. She would absolutely love seeing her youngest grandchild walk down the aisle. Sorrow that my Dad and Step Dad who both passed a few years ago, won’t be with us today. Sorrow that time does go by too quickly and our parents are no longer here and our children are grown.

But Joy? Oh, today’s joy fills the heart as we dance and welcome the groom into our fold. Love is what brought this couple together and love is why we are all gathered here. I am excited to see what their future brings and wish them a life filled with joy and wonder. I hope they see the world and make exceptional memories. I hope they’ll have success both personally and professionally. And I know they’ll too have children and someday will see this life through the eyes of a parent.

But today is about celebrating them with a full heart, then holding each other tight as we watch them leave and embark on their life together. To our beautiful bride, I say “I love you!” To our groom, I say, “Welcome to the family!”

Photo credit- Kim Brooks


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