What is L-Healing?

By Lucie Dickenson ~

L-Healing or Letters, Love & Light is a simple 3-step technique that has literally changed people’s lives and given them the emotional freedom they have been searching for.


By giving them the tools to heal emotions that are stuck in the body, they are able to help themselves to balance once again.


Many of you know that I had anxiety. Sadly, anxiety is fairly common these days. But what you may not know that running alongside the extreme anxiety and daily panic attacks, was something I could not understand, and doctors at the time had a very hard time diagnosing. I flew around the world to find out what was happening, and was finally advised it was something called multiple chemical sensitivity. This was more than just sensitivities to certain products, it was more like I was allergic to the world. It started slow, with food allergies and sensitivities to things like perfumes and soaps, but in time it “spread” to all parts of my life. I was only able to eat 5 foods without a reaction. I could not go to a gas station to fill up my car because the smell of the gas would make me dizzy to the point of passing out. My husband would actually drop me off a block before the station, fill up, and then come pick me up. Not kidding! It was a shit show! I could not go to a mall, shopping, or to pick up my kids at school. In fact, parts of my home were becoming so overwhelming to my system that I was in one room for many days at a time. My 5 foot 9 frame went from a very healthy 150 lbs to 110 lbs and no matter how much of the 5 foods I ate, I was always losing weight.

I needed help. Doctors advised it was a malabsorption issue and I was given certain medications that did not help. However, this form of treatment made me feel really sick. So, I ventured into the world of alternative medicine. Fifteen years ago, this type of treatment was not as readily available as it is today. So, I had to travel to find people that understood what my diagnosis was, and that could alleviate the symptoms. I found an indescribable underworld of sick people that were tossed aside as not being able to be helped, and left to fend for themselves to find answers. It was eye opening and scary. I always knew deep inside that I would get better, but here, seeing these people, I saw desperation, hopelessness and fear.

Even though I was sick, I was aware enough to engage with the doctors, chiropractors and therapists that helped me. I asked so many questions, and wanted to learn what they were doing to help not only me, but all the others that lined the walls of their offices. In fact, at one point while in California for a treatment, the doctor advised me she thought I was not only going to heal and be okay, but that I would help others in a big way. Instinctively this felt true, but at the time I could not imagine wanting anything else but to eat a hamburger and gain a pound.

I then found remote healing and this type of work really resonated with my body, mind and spirit. Albeit slow, I was able to begin to see progress. My tiny frame soon began filling out again. I was able to add food to my repertoire and thank God I was able to pick my kids up and go shopping again. It was like a miracle, and I was filled with gratitude. It was then I knew I wanted to help others. I wished to give them tools that I collected over my vast treatments with different practitioners. I studied with amazing healers, doctors and therapists. They gave me their training, ideas, thoughts on how I could help others. There were no real tricks to the healing, but the need to take deep emotional hurts and pull them out by their root cause, all while accepting yourself in the process.

After many years, I have developed a simple 3-step technique called L-Healing. I have had amazing results with clients and myself. What is even better, it is FREE. That’s right, you can go to my website and get the steps right now and begin.

So if you or someone you know is dealing with various issues, download the L-Healing steps right here. Your life is waiting.


Take advantage of private sessions using the Letters, Love & Light Technique. I can help you reduce symptoms and get to the root issue. It is a simple, yet powerful technique that has had incredible results. Best of all, the steps are free on my website for you to use! If you need help I am available for a session. Click below to see the steps and begin healing…


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