What If You’re Wrong?

By Tracey Hall ~

Like you, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the world and how in just a few short weeks we’ve been brought to our knees in fear. 1st this virus- we know so little, when we thought we had good information, we were later told that wasn’t the case anymore. We thought kids were safe only to find out in fact they weren’t. They were wrong. We learned that no drug or vaccine could protect us so we retreated inside the safety of our homes. At least by staying out of the virus’s way, hopefully, we could prevent catching it.

Then the economy collapsed- why? Because we were all sequestered in our homes of course and we humans need to work! But what if we’re wrong? What if we don’t always need to work so hard? Serious lifestyle adjustments have been made, paces have slowed, and what are the things we miss most? Connection– we miss each other. We miss our friends our coworkers our favorite restaurants and shops and shows and so on- we miss touch and face to face conversations.

Then, the riots- long-simmering fear has spewed up volcanic in nature and gripped the entire world in the need to CONNECT. The need to hear each other. The need to start over together as beings, human beings.

The astrology of today is chaotic and things from deep in our collective past are being brought to the surface for us to at last admit we were wrong. For us to feel the vibrations coming from the heartspace of those who have lived in fear and won’t anymore.

The fear shouts out in anger, but also reaches out to link to love. In love, we accept, we honor and we face the wrongs- look at them deeply so we understand the whys and move away from repeating the same things over and over.

You won’t hear it on the news, but there is a shift happening now, an upheaval of norms and a reckoning of wrongs. Mother Earth is breathing again with bluer skies and cleaner waters. But here, during the same moment, one cries out “I can’t breathe.” Those words were carried on the wind and scattered worldwide and people left their homes and gathered to collectively say ENOUGH

When the dust settles and we all take a deep breath, we’ll see where we went wrong. We’ll know that love is and has always been the answer. We will seek wisdom from the higher powers. We’ll open up to really see nature and stop for a second to listen to the rain and at last look at one another and see the inner light, the wisdom of their years and the love beating in their hearts.