Twenty Three Years And Counting

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I can only start from the beginning, my beginning that is. I was probably 15 years old and my family was visiting my uncles in Mexico over Easter break. They had a beautiful property there with a few small “casitas” and a large pool area in the center of the property. It was rather remote so our days were spent surrounding the pool area, hanging out, relaxing and swimming. My brother was finishing up his first year of college, I was a sophomore in high schoolnand my sister was in 6th grade. My uncles were successful designers and the conversation began. I heard one of them say “Kate, we should open a retail space; you could run it and we could help with the buying”.

Being a kid, and self consumed with my own life, I don’t know what happened between that conversation in April of 1992 to when the doors actually opened in September 1995, but I can tell you this. My mom Kate has a talent that one is just born with. She was doing what HGTV features on their prime time shows way before is what trendy or profitable. She could stage a house, accessorize and move furniture to make any space look lush, fresh, on trend and warm. And I’m pretty sure she did not think she would ever have to opportunity to really turn her passion into a business.
I’m not sure I was born with those same talents. I don’t know if it’s genetic or environment, but I just love changing my house around and I sometimes don’t even realize what I’m doing until it’s done. I’ve been known to sometimes move someone’s end tables or picture frames just a couple inches one way if I’m at someone’s house. I notice colors, textures and can tell a lot about people’s style just by what wall color they have. It’s a blessing and a curse because I can’t leave my house if I feel like things are out of place. It’s true, I don’t have the level of talent my mom does, but my passion is equal.

The shop opened the September of my freshman year of college. Every time I came home I wanted to work and help. I absolutely loved the holidays when I would be go in and wrap gifts. I took a job in NYC right after graduation, yet still worked at Kate and company every Sunday until I decided to leave New York and work full time at the shop. I worked full time from 2000-2004 when I had Ben. Within months I was back one day a week, then Fridays and Sundays (I couldn’t stay away). When I had Luke in 2006 I would bring him with me in his bucket and work Sundays. By 2015 the boys were both in school full time and it seemed like coming back full time was just right. Well here we are, 23 years in, my mom better than ever, me back on the floor and back in the apron ready to conquer the next 23 years.
We are lucky to have had Renee who has been with us since day one and has been a constant since; great clients, community support, the best location, incredible relationships with reps and products that we are proud of. We work hard to keep our costs competitive, our customer service top notch, we offer unique yet classic items and a relaxed and fun shopping experience for all. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey.

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