Try Our Fresh Healthy Beverages At Fresh Kitchen

Now that Spring has sprung, we are brewing delicious new flavors of green tea at Fresh Kitchen. Green tea is touted to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Green tea is more than just a hydrating beverage.
 What is Green tea?
It’s loaded with antioxidants that have many health benefits, which may include:
  • improved brain function
  • fat loss
  • protecting against cancer
  • lowering the risk of heart disease

We also have kombucha available!

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with tea. Many people say it helps relieve or prevent a variety of health problems. Kombucha has been around for nearly 2,000 years. It was first brewed in China and then spread to Japan and Russia. It became popular in Europe in the early 20th century. Sales in the United States are on the rise because of its reputation as a health and energy drink.

Advocates say it helps your digestion, rids your body of toxins, and boosts your energy. At Fresh Kitchen, we serve the best brewers of artisan kombucha, Pilot Kombucha:
Healthy beverages go well with our menu. We offer a wide variety of organic, vegan, and non-dairy food choices and can get creative with you if you’d like to design your own meal. Our menu was designed to give you the maximum amount of nutrition along with an unbelievable amount of flavor and aroma.
We have choices that include salads, grain bowls, stockpot soups, and wraps. We are inspired to serve truly nutritious food and hope to inspire you to keep that resolution going all year long!
Fresh Kitchen is located at  2204 Highway 35 in Sea Girt and 2621 Bridge Avenue in Point Pleasant.

All Natural
Clean Eating
Built to Order
Soups, salads, wraps, stock bowls and more.

The way you should always eat.

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