Transitioning Your Closet For Fall

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Fall is officially here and one of the basic clean up traditions begins in your closet. Taking out the summer clothes and bringing in the warm gear. To help get you motivated, here are a few tips:

Start sorting with these rules in mind:

  • If you haven’t worn it in a year and it’s still in good condition, it goes in the charity bag.
  • If it has holes, worn-out elastic or rips that can’t be repaired, throw it in the trash bag.
  • If it needs a button or has a hole you or a tailor can easily fix (and you vow to actually fix it) put the item in the repair pile.
  • If it’s not your style, it goes in the charity bag.
  • If it’s fantastic, you love it and you wear it, put it in the keep pile.
  • If it has stains put it in the repair pile.
  • If it doesn’t fit, donate it.

For the clothing items that you struggle to decide their fate, take a page out of the Konmari method. Ask yourself, does it bring you joy? Do you feel happy with how it fits your body? If the answer is no to both, then toss it.

Surf Suds Laundromats offer an easy solution to transition your wardrobe to the fall season. You can drop off what needs a good cleaning and pick it up ready to wear!

Clean Is Our Guarantee!

Our attendants expertly handle your Wash, Dry and Fold orders. Don’t forget to get your comforters Fall Clean ready!  Whether you call for our Pickup and Delivery Service or drop off your order, you can be sure our attendants will discuss your special instructions, determine the most cost-effective way to handle your laundry, then provide you a fair price and estimated time to complete.   Most orders are completed within 24 hours and many are done the same day. For those who do their own laundry, our attendants can help you choose between our small, economical Maytag washers through our high-end, American made, 30, 40 and 60 pound Dexter washers.  Our dryer vents are cleaned to ensure the quickest possible drying times. For your comfort, we have TVs, free WiFi, and comfortable seating. We have three Surf Suds locations to meet your laundry needs:

Wall (in Colfax Plaza next to Chocolate Carousel) 732-749-7585

Belmar (611 Main St. entrance on 7th Ave) 732-280-0122 

Point Pleasant Beach 632 Ocean Road (Route 88) 732-295-9222

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