Tracey + Jon Stewart’s Hockhockson Farm Foundation Announces New Program With Lunch Break + Laurino Farms

Support Good Health and Local Farming

Hockhockson Farm Foundation, in collaboration with Lunch Break and Laurino Farms, announced the Caring Sharing Agriculture program is now accepting donations to give access to fresh produce for Lunch Break families in need.

“One of the single most important things anyone can do for good health is to consume fruits and vegetables daily. We are excited to help make this possible for families who may not otherwise have access to fresh produce.” said Tracey Stewart, founder and president of  Hockhockson Farm Foundation.

We know that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, free of sprays and chemicals, is good for all of us. For some, access to these healthy foods is difficult and sometimes unattainable.  Cheap meats, processed foods, and sweets line the shelves of markets in impoverished areas. Chemical-laden foods are often the only choice. Up until now, CSA has typically stood for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join a CSA, you are giving local farmers the seed money to begin their crops. In return, you receive a bounty from their harvest at an incredibly discounted price throughout the growing season.

Hockhockson Farm Foundation has developed an exciting program whereby CSA stands for Caring Sharing Agriculture and gives people the opportunity to donate a share or partial share of Jersey grown fruits and vegetables from Laurino Farms to those in need through Lunch Break in Red Bank, NJ.

By contributing to this program, donors will make it possible for families to gain access to the freshest of fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious recipes and tips for cooking. To donate to the Caring Sharing Agriculture program, please note donations need to be placed by July 10th.

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Photo credit: Lunch Break and Hockhockson Farm Foundation-

Jon Stewart, Bobby Laurino, Tracey Stewart, Lunch Break Executive Director Gwendolyn O. Love, Lunch Break Director of Operations Armida Caldwell, Lunch Break Board President John Klein and Lunch Break Development and Marketing Assistant Ellen McCarthy

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