Mary’s Place By The Sea

By Tracey Hall ~

Nestled in the historic town of Ocean Grove, sits a cherished home of rest, relaxation and peace for women battling cancer. Now in its 10th year, Mary’s Place can accommodate up to nine guests with private rooms. A far cry from their humble beginnings with two rented rooms in a local B+B.

The overwhelming message was that there was an incredible need for women in the midst of horrific battles, to find a place to unwind and take a deep breath. Founders Michele Gannon and Maria McKeon have worked tirelessly to create that safe space while providing services that complement oncology treatments. From massage, Reiki, yoga, counseling and a healthy vegetarian menu, Mary’s Place by the Sea is a soulful stop on the road to recovery.

I attended one of the many functions held to raise awareness and funding called “Nourish You.” Sponsored by All in the Family Dental Care, it was held at Mary’s Place, and a group of women gathered to learn more about meditation, yoga, nutrition and a technique called “Soul Collage.” After a delicious lunch, we summed up at a “fireside chat” with Executive Coach and Speaker Jeanie Coomber, Michele Gannon, Maria McKeon, and Karen Campi from All in the Family Dental Care.

This day of self care made me realize just how important it is for all women to take better care of themselves. For those who are fighting cancer, that need may get lost during the battle, but those women should know that Mary’s Place by the Sea is there for them. We can support the good works done at Mary’s Place by attending the fundraisers and by donating to their non-profit organization by clicking here:


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