Three Minutes Fourteen Seconds

By Tracey Hall ~

Earlier this morning I went on Google Analytics to view the performance of Jersey Shore Scene. It’s something I try to do frequently to learn what is working and what isn’t. Today I saw a number that filled me with pride and gratitude: 3:14! What this means is that you are taking more time than usual to stay here and read the content provided.

Jersey Shore Scene is approaching its one year anniversary later this month and I’m proud of the growth and direction it has taken. What a learning experience it has been! I have met the most incredible people along the way and am so very grateful to my contributors and advertisers. The salesperson in me LOVES good numbers and this is one to share with prospects.

I’ll be posting more on the anniversary in the next few weeks but will let you know to look for a new and exciting Homepage design! The core content will remain the same and I will always strive to share great photography and interesting stories with you. As a small local business, I need and appreciate your liking and sharing what interests you. This site is geared for locals and is written by locals but you will never find bad news on Jersey Shore Scene. You can find that anywhere. I hope to continue to provide uplifting and informative content so that when you leave my site, you’ll feel better having just read that last article.

Many thanks from this newbie publisher!



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