The Windmill Always Gives Back

By Tracey Hall ~

There aren’t very many times when you hear that one of your favorite restaurants is also a philanthropic institution at The Jersey Shore. Such is the case of The Windmill restaurants. Because of their generosity, the WindMill will be the recipient of the 2019 Holiday Express Mary T. Robinson Award at the Holiday Express Sunset Benefit Clambake on Sept. 15th.


According to Holiday Express: “Mary T. Robinson was the perfect example of the selfless caregiver. Mother of eleven children, all of whom have volunteered at Holiday Express with their own families, she always found the time to care for others. In that spirit of altruistic giving, the Mary T. Robinson Award is presented each year to a company that has made an extraordinary contribution to Holiday Express, enabling us to fulfill our mission of “Delivering the gift of human kindness to those in need.”

“The Windmill Restaurants have been a Jersey Shore institution since the 1960s. Thank you for all of the delicious Hot Dogs, you donate to Holiday Express every year. Thank you for helping us deliver the gift of human kindness.”

Next time you’re craving a dog and fries, know that where you decide to spend your money matters. A Big Congratulations to The Windmill Restaurants and the Levine Family! Thank you for always giving back to those in need!


The Windmill became a Jersey Shore tradition by serving “gourmet” fast food. Stop by to indulge your cravings today!

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