Jeanie Coomber

The Warriors At Work Voice

By Jeanie Coomber ~

5 things I rely on:

My Band of Warriors.

Friends, colleagues and Family. I did a lot of inner work and my circle reminded me of my gifts, my strength and my courage.

My Garmin watch.

Monitoring my fitness level and my sleep. Health and well-being is front and center for me.

Technology, technology, technology.

Mac Book Pro, a ring light that is so big that it can land airplanes, my Yeti Microphone, Air pods and of course my amazing iPhone.

My sense of humor.

I made a few mistakes this month. Instead of beating myself down, I called out the mistake to myself, corrected where I could and then made light of it. Did you ever realize how often mistakes make for great stories?

My Daily Trinity practice.

I lead every morning with my at 3 Brags, 3 Gratitudes and 3 Desires. Getting right with myself every day is the cornerstone of my Warrior Magic!

What do you rely on?


Jeanie Coomber

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