The Straw Draw – Troop 29- Jersey Shore Girl Scouts

My name is Colleen Dickenson and I am part of Jersey Shore Girl Scout Troop 29. I love to be part of this troop and have been with it for all of my grammar school.

I am now entering high school and all members of our troop are working towards our silver award.

Troop 29 has created the Straw Draw to promote awareness about straws and other plastics and their effects on the environment. We also encourage local restaurants to seek eco-friendly alternatives to plastics that they use. We have created videos, posters, and other forms of media to advertise our campaign. Additionally, we have researched plastic straws and their effects on our oceans. We have scheduled beach cleanups and meetings with restauarant owners. By telling others about our cause, we are teaching about how plastics can harm the environment, but also encouraging ourselves to make a difference in the world.

We have talked with many local restaurants and eateries and have found them to be very interested and open to our plight. Some of the local places we have talked to is  Farmily in Sea Girt. Starbucks in Wall, Porta in Asbury Park and we were also able to speak with Marilyn Shlossback about her restaurants. We also note so many establishments are understanding the impact plastic has on the environment. In fact, when eating at 10th Ave Burrito last week, we noted that they only give straws upon request. 

My hope, and Troop 29’s goal is that very soon eco-friendly alternatives to straws and plastic are main place and our ocean is able to breathe.

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