The Straw Draw Continues

By Tracey Hall ~

I had the opportunity to continue the discussion on banning plastic straws with Jersey Shore Girl Scout Troop 29. They have embarked on an educational campaign called “The Straw Draw” to speak with local restaurant owners and ask them to consider not using plastic straws in their establishments.

One of those contacted was James Avery, owner of Farmly in Sea Girt. He not only agreed, but also met with us to test an alternative to plastic- wheat straws.

HAY Straws! sent me samples of their straws made from the byproduct of wheat harvests. These stalks are trimmed, cleaned and re-purposed into drinking straws and they naturally decompose. We were all excited to see how they held up once immersed in a drink and met at Farmly to try them out!

In my opinion, I felt that the wheat straws were a very good alternative to plastic. There was no “taste” with them and they held up well when left in a water glass. We also noted that paper straws don’t last as long when kept in a drink too long. They tend to shred and get soft. The wheat straws held their shape and also bent, but didn’t split.

The girls will be submitting their reviews and I will share them with you. Jersey Shore Scene is a strong advocate in keeping our shores healthy now and for many years in the future.

To learn more about the Straw Draw, click here:

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