The Ripple Effect

By Lucie Dickenson ~

What an incredible phenomenon.

The idea is that we are all connected. Within these connections, we have the ability to create energy that expands outwards, to every living thing on this planet.

All that we do, think, and say has an effect on everyone. You have the ability to make changes, just with simple actions, which will create energy to move in that direction. There is a responsibility that comes with this, as your actions have far reaching consequences.

A kind word. A smile. A positive, loving thought.

Be the light that expands the energy to a higher vibration. As you do this, others will watch and learn. It is contagious. As they learn to move energy in the right direction, it expands even more, and it becomes a collective consciousness. If we all worked towards kindness, imagine the possibilities and the outcomes?

You can change the world. You are that amazing. You may be just a drop in the ocean, but remember what just one drop can do.