The Modern Bride

By Kacey Roy ~

Maybe she’s gone on to get her masters? Travelled the world; worked her way up the corporate ladder. She most likely makes her own money, has been living on her own for years, and has created multiple networks of friends from all stages of her life. Or perhaps she working towards all this but has a partner to conquer the world with. Either way, the modern bride has changed quite a bit from our moms generation (or sadly even mine).

The modern bride may not register for sterling or China because they don’t find it necessary. Or maybe, as in my case, it’s because they have heirlooms better than anything else out there. She wants great pieces that are versatile, beautiful, durable and most importantly usable! After nearly 17 years of marriage I finally fell in love with and began collecting dishes. I went with the Giulietta pattern from Arte Italica (my favorite line honestly). These dishes are so incredible. They are my everyday dishes, but also my formal dishes. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and my boys have yet to destroy them. You can add to your collection with serving bowls, pitchers etc which I have and use everyday! With so many timeless and beautiful patterns to choose from, the modern bride can find it all in this line.

Ok, sterling flatware is gorgeous, but gone are the days with enough time to polish before your guests arrive. Stainless and pewter options have stepped up their game big time! A favorite line for flatware for me is Sabre. Sabre is a French line that offer gorgeous acrylic stems with simple stainless hardware that will either make your table pop (think tortoise or cobalt blue handles) or will complement your table (think soft charcoal gray). And don’t even get me started on their serving pieces! I have built quite a collection of spreaders and little spoons that I can’t use enough and my salad servers that are in a chocolate-brown and white toile is literally to die for. I seriously look amazing when I put these pieces out with restaurant bought salsa and guacamole!
Lastly, my favorite stemware is by Mariposa. They have just come out with a new line of champagne glasses and stemless wine/water that is gorgeous enough for your fancy table, or relaxed enough for a solo pour. This line is offered in a clear or soft turquoise bubbled glass that ups it’s cool factor for sure. Mariposa also has a lot of beautiful gift items that are perfect for a registry.
I’m proud to say we not only represent these lines, but we are customers too. I am happy to guide any bride for a registry or help you find the perfect gift for your modern bride.

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