Blue Moon 2018

Saturday’s Easter Blue Moon is LAST one until 2020. THIS Easter weekend’s Blue Moon is the last one for two years as star-gazer will be treated to a stunning celestial event.

The second blue moon of the year is expected to rise on Saturday, March 31 after the first one on January 31 was dubbed the “Super Blue Blood Moon”. Blue moon’s are not blue, but it is the name given to the second full moon to happen in a single calendar month and are quite rare as the saying goes “once in a blue moon”. However, full moons themselves are not rare, as they occur in almost every 29 days, but a blue moon is – especially two blue moons in one year.  The last time Earth saw two blue moons in one year was in 1999 when February did not have a full moon. It was dubbed “The Double Blue Moon of 1999”. The second blue moon of the year will happen again nineteen years later for the same reason as February did not have a full moon.

This year’s blue moon is important because it is also used to fix the date of Easter. The holiday always occurs on the Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring equinox, which was March 20. As the blue moon will appear on March 31 it means that Easter Sunday is April 1.

The next blue moon after this weekend is expected to occur on Halloween night in 2020.

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