The Gentle Spray

By Deborah Marini ~

There was recently a video circulating with over 22 million views of a floor routine in gymnastics by a young woman named Katelyn Ohashi. She received a perfect 10 on her routine but what is also catching attention is the pure joy on her face as she performed her routine.

Something about the video of her routine made me want to know more about what was behind that smile.

…. and i found this…..

This is Katelyn Ohashi

This….. is all of us.

What we say and how we treat each other creates a story. A story that can have so many endings.

There is an analogy that I kept wanting to write about. I would write. Then delete. Then write again. And delete. See … it needed to be perfect. As if I had someone to impress with my thoughts. These are MY THOUGHTS and I was scared to type them. Like Katelyn the fear of being judged or rejected overpowered something that, if written, may actually radiate with someone and help them through with new eyes. A new interpretation. A new view of a situation.

So… like Katelyn …. I’m going for it! There’s a reason I watched her. There’s a reason I googled her and found this!

The lesson is… there are always people who will judge you. Always. Just don’t be one of them. To others or to yourself.

So… here goes…

I like to call this the “Gentle Spray”

One day I was doing dishes. There were food pieces left in the sink so I took the sprayer to guide them to the disposal drain.

What I noticed was if I sprayed directly at the food it not only did the opposite and pushed the food away from the drain but it actually split the food into tinier pieces.

But…. if I used a gentle spray from behind it would guide them to the drain (and yes, ultimately to their demise but that’s not where I’m going with this! Lol)

We all have those people.

We are the food pieces.

They are the water and our goals, dreams, aspirations, view of ourselves is the drain. (Used in this case it is NOT our demise!)

The direct spray represents those people who convince us we aren’t good enough. That tell us we need more experience to have the aspirations we want to have. That we need to prove more to contribute the knowledge that we know we have the vision for. They make us forget our gifts. Our God-given talents and our purpose. The ones that break us into pieces.

I’ve been there. It threw me hard into an insecurity spin that I just wasn’t good enough.

The gentle spray represents those that believe in us. That gently guide us to our purpose. Guide us to our goals. Help us to see and live our potential.

The problem is …. the direct spray makes a lot more noise than the gentle spray. The people who question us make US question us AND question those that believe in us as well! That’s where the cycle needs to end.

And here’s when it hit me THAT I HAVE THE CONTROL OVER MY OWN IMAGE!

One day I was having an awesome day!! I looked in the mirror and said “YOU ROCK!” The next day came the direct spray in full power. Telling me I wasn’t good enough. I need to do this better or that better. I don’t deserve to get where i want to get. The reflection in the mirror no longer said “you rock” back to me.


That reflection was the same reflection from the day before! The reflection didn’t change! Only the people and words around me did.

I…. remained…. constant.

The healthy response is what I now practice.

I learned to look at what they were saying and:

1- See if any of it warranted some attention to help promote some positive change within me (this one is sooooo hard! I was NOT good at internal reflection!!!)


2 –  If it didn’t and was just said out of some other motivation …. that’s on them! Fully on them and having nothing to do with me or my reflection.

Bottom line is, Words hurt. Be aware of what you say and be aware of what others say to you but don’t let it define you.

If it’s productive feedback ….. let it help you grow that “you rock” reflection.

If it’s hurtful as a result of jealousy or manipulation or their fear of you and your purpose interfering with theirs…. that’s on them. Pray for them but stay on your path. Find your purpose.

Also… if I have ever been that direct spray I am so very sorry.

Thank you Katelyn Ohashi.

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