The Cardinals Song

 I was sitting outside admiring our garden

When a wave of sorrow started to swell

Though the sky was blue and the roses sweet

My thoughts just went to you


Sometimes my heart will be so quiet and let

Me get on with my day, but today it was loud

And wanted to sob and let my hurt seep out


As I sat and cried soon a bird began to sing

I listened for a minute and finally turned

And knew this song was for me


A Mama cardinal was perched in my tree and I stood

To greet her and say- Mom, I know that’s you coming

To me to let me know 

You’re okay


She sang and sang

And I stood so still

Sweetly serenaded

By the Cardinals song

While my heart began to fill


You left but you’re here

And I’m never alone

When sorrow comes

I’ll go outside

To listen to the Cardinals song

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