Thankful For Time

By Tracey Hall ~

Happy Thanksgiving to all and here’s hoping everyone gets to spend time with the ones they love. I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately and how very short it is. In just over a month, we are closing out a DECADE and beginning a new one. How did 10 years go by?

Time flies when you’re having fun! Are we having fun though? It feels not because of the turmoil swirling around our world right now. But as we know, this too shall pass. 

So to me, it’s more important than ever to really look at how my time is spent and what matters most. Have you noticed how being on the phone consumes so much time and brings such little value to our lives? A decade ago, we weren’t checking our phones every two minutes, is this time well spent? I think not, but I am guilty of wasting time on it.

And what about spending time with family and friends? As I enter into my sixth decade on this beautiful planet, that’s what I want more of. Time.

I don’t need things anymore, I need a hug from my sons, a lunch with my friend, a kiss from my husband, a visit to see my Mom or a walk with my dog. I need the beach and the woods and the mountains and the fields. All these “things” take time.

Spending precious time with precious people is what I’m thankful for today and what I plan on doing much more of in my next decade. How about you?