Thank You To All Our Healthcare Workers

By Tracey Hall ~

Our soldiers. Our heroes. Our lifesavers. It takes a special kind of person to go into the many fields of medicine. The scientific brain coupled with a compassionate heart. The need to help and cure and ease our pain. The ones we see at our very worst knowing they are there to bring us back around.

I thank all the healthcare workers who are in the midst of a “war” with an enemy they can’t see. Who desperately need weapons to fight with and find them hard to come by. Who face fear every single day. Fear of this unknown enemy. Fear of losing a patient despite everything done. Fear of bringing the virus home. Fear of becoming infected themselves.

My sincere thanks also go out to all the small businesses helping our soldiers. From food deliveries to hand made masks, it isn’t lost on all of us how hard you are trying. It isn’t lost on us that all isn’t lost.

So thank you to the healthcare workers – for all you do not just now in the midst of a worldwide crisis, but for the everyday care and love you give to us, your patients.

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