Ten Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday

This is the time of giving. It feels incredible to give. So much so, that it has been found to be an important step in healing. Studies have found that there are actually health benefits to giving: including lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, lower depression and stress, longer life and greater happiness. However, giving is not just an act to do for others, it is an act of love. And from that view, it is imperative to give to yourself, often. Begin the tradition today to provide love in a way that benefits you.

How? Here are a few ideas:

  1. The gift of kindness. It is so much easier to be kind, in fact, by being kind you are sending out to the universe your wish to come back to you. Be kind. As you do, watch the miracles unfold.
  2. The gift of optimism. I am not talking about seeing everything as it is not. That would be misleading, however, there are two sides to every coin. Try to look for the good, the amazing, the lessons in everything. There is some way to see everything in a positive light.
  3. The gift of forgiveness. There is no greater gift than forgiveness. Holding anger and grudges only continues the hurt. Let go, and heal, by forgiving. Remember forgiveness is not saying what was done was acceptable, it is saying that you no longer wish to be tied to it. It is for you.
  4. The gift of acceptance. Acceptance is powerful. It allows you to be in the present. Once you have acceptance, you have the power to move forward.
  5. The gift of letting go. Let go of that which no longer serves you. There is no need to carry around with you all that has hurt you or that brings you anything but love.
  6. The gift of gratitude. We all have something we can be grateful for. Count your blessings every day and as you do, your life will shift.
  7. The gift of faith. Faith is your foundation. Have a grounding in belief, in true faith that there is something larger that loves, helps and holds you.
  8. The gift of nutrition. You have complete control of the fuel that you put into your body. Allow that to be full of nutrition, so your body and brain can work it’s best.
  9. The gift of fun. We tend to lose our childlike ways as we grow… go back, cut loose and have fun.
  10. The gift of love. Always love yourself, no matter what. You are wonderful, give yourself the gift every day that you are amazing and worthy of love….

This holiday, these gifts will have a ripple effect. As you practice self-love, you literally set into motion loving energy that is sent out from you to all. And that is a gift we all can use.


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