Summertime Means ‘Tails, Tunes and Vittles!

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~

Summertime is just around the corner! Breaking out and tuning up the grill gets the mouth-watering for the official 1st BBQ with family and friends. Entertaining is fun and what could be better on a warm summer evening than an outdoor mingling, cocktails, tunes and good eats? Offering some refreshing cool cocktails, virgin or not, is key. And to get the fun started, often a theme adds to the experience. Set the mood by hitting up Pandora for some Hawaiian/Island/Jimmy Buffett tunes.
Back in the 60’s I grew up in a tightly knit neighborhood. All the parents were in their late 20’s and 30’s and the kids were all close in age as well. Each house had annual theme parties which revolved around fun activities, music and games….and of course “adult beverages” for the grown-ups. Neighbors with the pool had the annual summer Hawaiian Luau which required guests to dress in a tropical style. Many Muumuu’s, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts along with tropical drinks livened up the party along with laughs and sweet memories.
Before we knew it….WE were in our 30’s and often the highlight of our summer party days consisted of at least one what we dubbed a “Daq Wack”. Who doesn’t love a fresh fruit daiquiri? Old fashioned snail mail invitations are always fun to receive, along with RSVP & suggestions as to what to bring. Below is the basic list.
“Daq Wack” Party! Fresh is preferred but if not readily available, frozen will do. Please bring one or more of the following:
Blender, blueberries, pineapples, coconut, Pepe Lopez, bag of ice, cantaloupes, peaches, lime juice, strawberries, bananas, watermelons, pineapple juice, vodka, rum (dark, light, spiced) *fresh mint from the garden.
We used an old wooden work table my grand dad had made. We screwed power strips to 3 sides, running extension cords into the porch and basement or kitchen window if needed. Topside we lined up several blenders, couple cutting boards, knives, bar towel, lime juice, sugar (can use Stevia), and large baskets for tons of fruit. Use paper straws held in a decorated glass or tin, and a few strawberries & pineapple with slits cut for garnish. Don’t forget to snip fresh mint sprigs from your garden (if not, grow some!) for added garnish. If need be, hit up a local Dollar Tree for cool summer bins for…..yep, one dollar! Pack a cooler under the table for easy use ice. I always used plastic non-breakable fun cups. If you do Solo’s, have a permanent marker handy at the bar for personalizing cups. This cuts any confusion as to whose is whose later on.
Once, the day before a “Daq Wack” party at a small local family owned grocery store, I was ready to pay for 2 cantaloupes. The produce manager was kind enough to offer free melons and suggested I step out of line. When asked how many I’d like….I responded as many as you have. He filled up the entire shopping cart with about 20! This was the first time making frozen cantaloupe daiquiris and they were fantastic! (I’ll share another odd but fantastic cantaloupe dessert recipe in another piece!)
Basic recipe is the same for your various fruits which can stand alone of mix them up for a great blended fruit combo Daquiri!

Simple Strawberry Daquiri:

12 oz. frozen or fresh fruit 6 oz. rum or vodka (your choice) 3-4 oz. lime juice (to taste) 4-5 tbls. Sugar or Stevia In the blender: *If using frozen strawberries, add all of the ingredients, blend until smooth, divide into about 6 servings. *If going with fresh you will add about 16 + – ice cubes, blend until smooth. Garnish and enjoy!

Simple Blueberry Daquiri:

Blend the following till smooth: 4 oz. rum, 1 pint blueberries, ¼ C. sugar or equivalent Stevia, 4 Tbl lime juice, 2 Cups ice

Pina Colada:

Blend the following till smooth: *can add couple chunks of pineapple if you like a “pulpy” drink. 1.5-2 oz. rum ½ oz. lime juice 1-2 oz. cream of coconut(Pepe Lopez) 1-2 oz. pineapple juice 16 oz. ice


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