Sirens of Hope

By Tracey Hall ~

Yesterday a parade of fire engines drove by my house blaring their sirens and honking their horns. In any other circumstance, I would be worried that a house in my neighborhood was on fire. But these days, it’s an entirely different feeling- HOPE.

A few blocks down, a young child was having a birthday. There are no more parties, no more gatherings, no more bringing cupcakes into school to share with your classmates. There is, however, our men and women in uniform who will take a lap around the birthday home and celebrate this milestone with the family.

Now when you hear the sirens blast, it brings a smile because you know we are celebrating the little things in life. Simple things we used to take for granted, like having a birthday party. Our wonderful firemen, policemen and women are taking time out of their routine to make a child feel special. But they too are special. They are with us when we are at our lowest low, in the middle of our crisis. They are the ones on the frontline of whatever urgent emergency we face. They are the heroes.

Thank you to all firemen, first responders, policemen and women who are there for us in good times and bad. And in the bad times, thank you for being there with your sirens blasting as we sing “Happy Birthday” to our children.


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