Shopping Local Takes Some Time

By Tracey Hall ~

We’re all in the midst of having so much to do and ordering gifts online really eases some of that burden to our time. One of my kids asked for a new winter jacket this year and of course, I looked it up online to check pricing, sizes, etc. But I know of a local store that also carries that brand and is family-owned. Instead of “adding to my cart,” I got in my car and drove over to that store.

The owner showed me several different options, explained their return policy and within ten minutes, I had the coat I wanted at the same price it was listed on Amazon. Now, I do order from Amazon of course, but certain purchases go a long way when you shop local. Taking the time needed to shop local can be a deterrent when ordering online is made so simple.

This season, try to make the time to support our local shops and restaurants. Instead of a gift certificate to a large chain establishment, how about a gift certificate to a main street boutique or bistro? What about a local health and wellness treat? Massage? Mani/Pedi? Reiki? You get the message.

This month’s revenue plays a crucial part in a small business’s survival. I ask that we take a little time and help make their spirits bright by shopping local for the holidays!