Sea Turtles Are Still In The Area

Even though the temperatures are still warm by us, things can cool down very quickly! Sea turtles are still in our area, but if they are still here when the temperature drops, they can become cold-stunned! When this happens, they are unable to move a lot and you may mistake them as being dead on the shore. Kemp’s Ridley turtles, like the one shown here, are the most vulnerable to cold stunning. Please remember – if you see a sea turtle on the beach, CALL US at 609-266-0538 even if you think it’s already deceased!

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The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is the only federally authorized animal hospital for the rescue of marine mammals and sea turtles in the state of NJ. The museum and gift shop are open to the public. We hope you will come visit and support the important work we do!

3625 Brigantine Blvd
Brigantine, New Jersey
(609) 266-0538
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