Practice The Pause

Sometimes when I walk the boardwalk, I take a few steps onto the sand and look out into the ocean. This is when the memories cross my mind of a dear loved one I lost many years ago. Her love and joy was the ocean, and I often imagine how it would be if she were here with me viewing the beautiful water.


I needed to pause because at that moment, it was important for me to allow the feelings that were rising, to be there. Without judgment, without understanding, all at the same time. Grief is like the ocean, coming on in waves, ebbing and flowing. I have learned when I am in these large swells; I just float. And when the storm rescinds, I swim.

Grieving is a highly individual experience. There is no right way to grieve, just your way. The emotions will rise and fall, but the love and memories are beautifully placed in our hearts forever.


It is the space in which we are able to feel.

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