Placing The Spotlight On Amazing Kids!

Content provided by our partner Alexandra Amato, Stat Medical Alert ~

Some of you may all ready know me.  If you don’t, let me properly introduce myself.  My name is Alexandra Amato and I am the CEO/Founder of Stat Medical Alert a safety company in NJ.  We provide safety products for everyone.  My back story is that I have a special needs child and as he became older, I wanted him to keep his independence without “mom” (that would be me) losing her mind.  That is where our GPS tracker watch was born into our products.  

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for kids.  Therefore, I created my new venture, a YouTube Channel that focuses on brining stories of kids, young entrepreneurs and life influencers to you.  The YouTube channel is KidsReel and I have been lucky enough to interview kids that are doing some amazing things to give back to society.

Honestly, I was so tired of hearing so many bad stories that I knew there were kids making a difference and I didn’t have to look far to find them.  I posted a video on Facebook and voila, they came pouring in. Kids want to be recognized just like anyone else. The difference with kids is that if you praise them on what they do, they will actually do more!

I interviewed a 6-year-old Oliva, from Middletown who holds a lemonade sale and she purchases toys to be given to children at the K. Hovnanian children’s hospital locally.  This is what these kids are all about.

I want to change the way we are conditioned, which is to love bad news.  It is what we are fed daily. If we turn that off and place our focus on positive stories, things will change.

These kids need the opportunity to spread their awareness of performing good acts to other children.  Children can mentor children, it really is that simple. As a mother, it is important to me that my kids know that they are important to the world, that they do make a difference.  

We only get one shot to raise our children and what better way then to show them that there is good in this world!  You can find my videos on my YouTube Channel

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